Brian Reine Is An Experienced Entrepreneur

Brian Reine has been working in construction management for many years. It is a field his family has been extremely involved in. He grew up working in his dad’s company, where he earned a wealth of experience. Brian Reine eventually took an interest in disaster management and recovery services, because it made use of a skill-set he already possessed and allowed him to help others. Brian Reine is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Omni Pinnacle. He has helped numerous communities in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and the United States to recover from natural disasters.

Brian Reine Had Received A Master Class In Construction And Development

Brian Reine has always worked hard, ensuring that he does his best. He has worked for as long as he can remember, contributing to the company his father founded. He was able to help the development of the company his father built. Brian Reine was able to contribute to his father’s company through his commitment to completing the job and doing it the right way. This means not cutting corners, having integrity, and working hard every single day. Brian Reine was involved at a pretty early age because he was a quick learner. In fact, it did not take him long at all to leave his mark on the company. When he was just twenty-four years old, Brian Reine was entrusted with developing Laurel Hills. This was his first community development, located in Memphis, Tennessee. Brian Reine’s father had seen all the work that he had done for the company and therefore knew he could trust him with the responsibility of overseeing the development of Laurel Hills. He did everything in his power to get it done on time and done with quality in mind. Not only did he succeed in those efforts, but he also sold the land off in record time. This was a warning signal fired off to the industry—as it told of his successes to come. He would go on to work in community development, construction management, and disaster management.

Brian Reine had received a master class in construction and development by the time he was in his teens because he grew up in a family where this was the discussion around the table, either in the morning or at night. He received a hands-on education by working in his father’s company and learned all the ins and outs of the industry through his family. Brian Reine did go to college, though, attending Louisiana State University. He is a proud alumnus of LSU today, having received his degree in Construction Management. Today, Brian Reine works dominantly in disaster management through his company, Omni Pinnacle.