Brian Reine Is A Well Known Name In Disaster Management Industry

Brian Reine is a well known member of the disaster management industry. He is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Omni Pinnacle, which is a company that specializes in delivering high quality disaster management and recovery services. Omni Pinnacle provides services to community at risk in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and the United States. Brian Reine focuses most of his energies on the disaster management and recovery services industry in order to help communities recover from major disasters, but he is also still active in the construction management and community development industries.

Brian Reine worked in his father’s construction management company when he was growing up. He received a great deal of hands-on experience while working in his father’s company and was pleased to be able to contribute to the venture positively. Brian Reine has a long history in the industry because he was raised in a family whose members were almost all employed in the field. He grew up learning about construction management—so much so that by the time he went to college he had already received the equivalent of a Master’s degree in education in construction management. He attended college at Louisiana State University and majored in Construction Management.

Brian Reine was entrusted with the development of his first community at the age of twenty-four. He was young, but relished the opportunity to be involved with a community development project. The project was located in Memphis, Tennessee, and was called Laurel Hills. He not only developed the community effectively, but also sold the land off in record time.