Brian Reine Has A Wealth Of Experience With Every Aspect Of Construction Management

Brian Reine has a history of success in the construction management industry, but this is not the only field in which he is active. While he is still very interested in construction management and community development and still active in those fields, he dominantly focuses on his work in the disaster management and recovery services industry. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer in charge of Omni Pinnacle. This is a disaster management and recovery services company that operates in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and the United States. This is a job that he finds very rewarding and that he is extremely good at as well.

Brian Reine has a wealth of experience working in construction management. It is a field that he has been familiar with since he was a young boy. This is because while dinner talk at most households was about hobbies, school-work, or gossip, at the Reine household it was about construction management and community development. This led to him developing a strong understanding of those industries from a young age. This, coupled with his working for his father’s company as soon as he could, made it clear that he had aspirations to follow in the footsteps of his father. At just twenty-four years old, Brian Reine was placed in charge of the development of his first community. It was called Laurel Hills, and it was based in Memphis, Tennessee. He was excited about the challenge and not only developed the community, but also sold the land off in record time. Eventually, his love for construction management led to him finding out about the disaster management and recovery services industry, to which he devotes most of his time today.